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Interior House Painting

Interior walls, ceilings, GIB plastering


Repainting the interior of your home can add significant value and bring fresh life into a room if it’s done correctly. The key to a professional paint finish is all in the preparation and that’s why it’s best left to the experts.

Our experienced interior house painting team can assist with repainting interior rooms including walls , ceilings , doors, timber frames and GIB plastering of walls once wallpaper has been removed. kitchen cabinets are an option to paint if looking for a kitchen makeover

Interior paint finishes

With the huge selection of paint colours to choose from, we can help you select the right colours to match your colour scheme and advise on the right paint products to use to suit your living requirements. This is particularly valuable when choosing paint for damp areas like bathrooms or non-toxic applications for children’s bedrooms.

For kitchen and bathrooms, we generally recommend using eggshell and satin finishes as they provide durability in heavy use rooms. For living rooms and bedrooms, where a smooth, velvety finish looks fantastic, a flat or matte finish is ideal.

Interior paint colours

As anyone who has been into their local paint shop will know, the selection of colours available can be daunting. The key is to decide what kind of effect you want to create in any given room as the colour of the interior walls can really set the mood.

From muted tones for relaxation, to vibrant colours to make a personal statement, we can assist with choosing the best quality paints to achieve the desired result.

Whether you require interior painting for a new build, a home renovation or simply want a change of colour scheme, our team of professional painters are experienced, and friendly and meticulous in both their preparation and workmanship.

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Kitchen after renovation - white paint job
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