Roof Painting Services

Efficient application (Airless Spray), Durable paint, Safe Site.
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Roof Painting Services

Iron roofs, concrete roofs, fascia boards, gutter systems


Many New Zealand homes have iron roofs that can deteriorate over time in our harsh weather conditions. Applying a new coat of paint will bring your roof back to life, protect it from the elements, and add significant value to your home.

We offer a professional roof painting service for all types of houses including villas, bungalows and ultra modern homes. We use the highest quality primers and paint products from top brands, to ensure maximum protection and aesthetic appeal.

No roof too big too small or too steep

Types of roofs

We paint all types of roof surfaces including iron, concrete and clay tiles and will advise, during our free on-site inspection, whether repairs are required prior to painting. It’s important for any remedial work to be done first to ensure a premium quality paint finish.

We can also assist with painting steep roofs on older style homes and difficult or sharp roof pitches on architecturally designed houses.

Roof maintenance

Looking after your roof with regular water blasting, and applying a moss and mould removal treatment every year, will extend the lifespan of your roof. Cracked or broken tiles can allow water to seep into the roof structure, causing expensive damage later on, and often goes undetected until it’s too late.

We offer a thorough roof water blasting service, prior to painting, to remove all residual grime and moss and mould spores, leaving your roof surface clean and ready for painting.

Roof paint and colours

We can match your roof colour with the existing colour scheme of your house, including providing paint colour options for facia boards and downpipes.

All our paint products are selected from leading suppliers, including Resene and Dulux, made specifically for New Zealand weather conditions, and backed by extensive manufacturing warranties. For iron roofs we use a quality, semi-gloss finish, that’s available in a wide choice of colours, including from the Coloursteel range.